Mid Cheshire College – Adjunct Lecturer

Position: Curriculum Developer and Course Convenor
Location: Mid Cheshire College
Dates of Employment: Sep 2000 – July 2002 (1yr, 11months)

Job Description:

  • Spearheaded development and enhancement of the Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Digital Multimedia curriculum, ensuring alignment with education standards and emerging trends.
  • Collaborated with subject matter experts and educators to design, update, and implement engaging and relevant course materials, modules, and assessments.
  • Provided guidance, training, and mentorship to ensure effective course delivery and student success.
  • Orchestrated course convening activities, including scheduling, logistics, and communication with students, faculty, and support staff.
  • Employed continuous improvement strategies to monitor and evaluate curriculum effectiveness, making data-driven adjustments to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Actively participated in curriculum review committees, contributing valuable insights and feedback for program enhancement.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment by promoting equity and accessibility in course content and delivery.
  • Maintained meticulous records, including assessment results and student progress reports, to facilitate academic advising and program evaluation.
  • Acted as a resource for students, addressing inquiries, providing academic guidance, and facilitating student engagement initiatives.
  • Upheld institutional policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with accreditation standards and quality assurance protocols.
  • Represented the institution at educational conferences and workshops, sharing expertise and insights in the field of Digital Multimedia.