Workshop: Augmented Reality – The place between spaces. HERDSA, Auckland, 2013

AR workshop: Augmented Reality – The place between spaces – Presented at HERDSA, 2013

Augmented reality (AR) offers opportunities to expand our concept of learning spaces, to create new dimensions in mobile learning, and increase the connectedness of learners across multiple contexts. Augmentations rely on freely available web services that run on popular mobile platforms allowing us to create new learning spaces where the virtual and real co-exist. Technologies for augmenting reality allow for the simulation of complex systems, digital storytelling, hijacking of space, and provide opportunities for us to imagine alternate views of the world. AR is not the technology of science fiction but is here now. There is a real imperative for the education sector to grasp AR and explore the many ways in which it can enhance student learning.

This workshop has been prepared by Danny Munnerley and Matt Bacon from AR Studio, University of Canberra, and is funded by the Australian Government, Office for Learning and Teaching.