Unity Educators Live Series

This session examines the current state of interactive 3D development, the ways in which it’s disrupting fields like film and animation, architecture, engineering and construction, art and design, and how educational institutions are thinking about preparing students for these changes. A panel of industry and education luminaries will discuss where the opportunities for people with these skill sets will be, what learning and teaching in these areas should look like, and how we might design spaces in which this learning can happen.

Charlie Fink, XR’s explainer-in-chief (according to Variety), writes about XR on Forbes and elsewhere. Joining him on the panel to discuss their work designing and developing next-generation learning environments at Arizona State University’s Innovation Collaboratory are co-executive directors Heather Haseley and Dan Munnerley. And curriculum and career pathways specialist Harvey Wright, who has been leading the development of Seattle Public Schools’ new XR pathway, will also share his perspective.

Watch the session here