VR Innovation Lab – powered by Verizon 5G

Verizon and Dreamscape Immersive, a virtual reality (VR) application developer, announced Thursday a partnership to build VR applications focused on immersive earning and training applications for use in the enterprise, public sector and education environments. The two companies also will form, along with Arizona State University, a dedicated VR innovation lab to develop cutting-edge learning applications. As Dreamscape’s “official 5G innovation partner,” Verizon has taken an equity stake in the company through Verizon Ventures, the companies said.

Verizon and Dreamscape Learn, a partnership between Dreamscape and ASU, will leverage their VR innovation lab to create immersive learning experiences for various education levels and environments by combining “the emotionality of Hollywood storytelling with cutting-edge technology and advanced pedagogical theories to provide vivid, active VR environments in which the student becomes a scientist explorer, discovering new worlds and solving complex issues and problems,” said ASU President Michael Crow, in a statement.

TechRepublic, Apr 2021