ASUniverse to offer immersive campus experiences in the metaverse

The future of social #learning is shared, immersive and #accessible, thanks to innovations like the ASUniverse, developed at ASU Learning Futures.

“It’s part of this human evolution that’s going on where we’re becoming integrated with our technology,” said Jesse Murdoc, a graduate student studying architecture and a digital twin specialist at Learning Futures. “Our technology is just an extension of ourselves that allows us to connect at a level that brings the world closer.”

The ASUniverse is a digital twin — an evolving, virtual representation of the physical environment influenced by data collected on campus. Soon, Sun Devils will be able to explore the breathtaking architecture, the cutting-edge classrooms and even the Southwest landscape from anywhere in a real-time, 3D experience.

“Digital twins and online worlds like Roblox, Minecraft and Meta Horizons are changing how we live, work and play online,” said Dan Munnerley, executive director of Learning Futures. “This paradigm shift towards real-time 3D holds a great opportunity for education. Our students already inhabit these worlds, so who better to design the online campus of the future than our learners?”