Mindspan – CEO Founder

Position: CEO, Founder
Location: UK
Dates of Employment: Jul 2000 – Feb 2003 (2yrs, 7 months)

Job Description:

  • Established and led Mindspan, a consultancy firm specializing in education, digital design, and corporate training, fostering collaborations with renowned institutions and organizations.
  • Commissioned by Becta/Ferl to create web-based guides, notably crafting “Digital Video in the Classroom,” providing invaluable resources and expertise in educational technology and multimedia.
  • Contributed significantly to course design and delivery in Design and Multimedia at IDEA, Manchester Metropolitan University, influencing academic programs and student learning experiences.
  • Played a pivotal role in transforming Batley School of Art & Design, Dewsbury College, into a Center of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) in Digital Design through influential consultancy work.
  • Provided extensive training for the UK design team at Reebok, supporting the professional development of new graduates and demonstrating versatility and adaptability in corporate training.
  • Applied advanced web development and multimedia design skills to diverse corporate projects, showcasing a robust skill set adaptable to various industries and requirements.
  • Presented insights on digital learning and assessment at esteemed conferences, including the National Conference: The New A-Levels in Art and Design in Birmingham and the FERL 16-19 Online Conference in London and Manchester in 2001, sharing expertise on ICT integration and digital portfolio building for assessment purposes.