Zayed University – new campus construction in Academic City

Zayed University is a UAE university established in 1998. It is one of three government-sponsored higher education institutions in the United Arab Emirates.

The Dubai campus moved to its current location in Al Ruwayyah, near Academic City, Dubai in 2006. The original campus was near the northern end of the Abu Dhabi peninsula, on Delma Street

The air-conditioned atrium runs through the spine of the site; connecting the college wings with the library, tower, and gardens.

The gardens were planted in 2006 and included waterways that carried the recycled water from the cooling systems.

The garden courtyard is surrounded by the cafeteria, administrative buildings, and the convention center.

Six college wings radiate from the central atrium. Each contain offices, studios and classroom spaces.

The central tower at over 8 stories, connects the library with a grand staircase and houses the Sheikh Zayed collection.