Vintage Surf Co.

Some conceptual designs for a hybrid fashion, furniture and food store.

soul wear
‘feel good from the outside in’

Vintage, Classic, and Retro collections are selected globally from the best vintage suppliers and independent designers of surfwear. Our vintage stock is sourced from the US, UK, and Australia and offers unique designs unseen for decades. Whilst our classic and retro collections capture the best designs recreated in a fresh and modern style.

fiercely independent!
‘the next generation of surf shop’

We love to know where the things in our store come from, who made them and what inspired them. By sourcing independent products we get to meet the real people behind the products, hear their stories and share their passion. We will always be 100% independent.

refreshingly cool
‘all-natural shave ice’

Shaved ice (as the Hawaiians say) is the best way to cool down and rehydrate after a day on the beach or night out with friends. Our Fujimarco machine runs daily and produces the finest snow in the region topped with our all-natural in-season fruit flavors.

kindred spirits
‘sports events, clubs, notice boards and a good vibe’

Your surf store is more than a place to pick up great stuff, it’s where you hear about upcoming events, learn about clubs that you might be interested in, and check out the noticeboards for used equipment. Or just drop by to hear some great tunes. The vintage surf company support and sponsors kids clubs and charities where possible and encourage all our customers to get involved.