Associate Professor, Director of Learning Environments, Canberra, Australia

Position: Associate Professor / Associate Director of Learning Environments
Location: University of Canberra, Australia
Dates of Employment: Full-time · Jul 2009 – Feb 2014 (4 yrs, 8 months)

Job Description:

  • Appointed Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor through academic promotions, demonstrating exceptional academic and research contributions.
  • Spearheaded the comprehensive design and redevelopment of student-centered learning environments, encompassing collaborative classrooms, interdisciplinary research labs, maker spaces, and the student commons. The strategic enhancements notably increased student engagement and prolonged utilization of campus facilities.
  • Appointed to establish and develop the INSPIRE center, a hub facilitating collaborative research practices among academics, teachers, students, government bodies, and the local community.
  • Secured funding from the Australian Government’s Office for Learning and Teaching to lead as the principal investigator for the ‘AR studio’, pioneering the exploration of ‘Augmented Reality’ in education. Led the development of mobile applications, conducted workshops at national events, and presented groundbreaking work at international conferences.
  • Held the role of Course Convenor for the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, designing and leading key courses such as ‘Design for Learning Online‘ (9277), ‘Tertiary Teaching and Learning‘ (8191), and ‘Teaching Online‘ (7600).
  • Enriched undergraduate education by delivering courses like ‘Cross-Media Production‘ (7879) and ‘Observing and Analysing Performance in Sport‘ (OAPS101), the latter delivered as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).
  • Demonstrated commitment to university service through active participation in various committees, including chairing the learning space forum and contributing to various strategic innovation groups.
  • Recognized as an expert in the field, presented pioneering research and insights at conferences and events, including talks on ‘Augmented Reality,’ Learning Architecture’ and the ‘INSPIRE Learning Center’ at gatherings like HERDSA, Apple Createworld, and the national Learning Space Summit.

University Service

• Chair of the learning space forum
• International and Third-Party Providers Committee
• Faculty of Art & Design Education Committee
• SAFFIRE (Structural Adjustment Fund) steering group
• Project Control Group – Teaching and Learning Capital Fund project
• INSPIRE Steering Committee Meeting
• UC Centenary steering group
• UC Book steering group

Conference Presentations and Invited Speaker

• Augmented Reality – The place between spaces. 
 HERDSA, AUT Auckland. 2013
• Teaching a Small Open and Online Community (SOOC). 
 The 3rd Annual e-Learning Summit, Melbourne. 2013
• ARstudio – Creating opportunities for multimodal layered learning through AR
Apple Createworld, Brisbane. 2012
• INSPIRE – A new learning center, a new learning environment. 
 3rd Annual Learning Space Summit, Sydney. 2012