The Flipped Classroom Workshops at UC

The flipped classroom workshops at University of Canberra were largely influenced by the OLT funded project, ‘Radical Transformation: Re imagining Engineering Education Through Flipping the Classroom in a Global Learning Partnership‘. This project led by UQ explored transformative course development through flipped classroom models and resulted in publishing ‘The Flipped Classroom – Practice and practices in Higher Education‘.

A small team from UC participated in the large-scale (1000+ students) flipped classroom implementation at UQ in 2012/2013 and returned to implement a similar unique pedagogical design that suited the UC context.

We modified the original workbook to create a University of Canberra version that could be used in group session of up to 50.

Supplemental to the UC workbook we created a small group worksheet and planning doc that would help our workshop participants move from individual idea generation to more concrete action plans.

Our flipped classroom workshops were attended by 50+ faculty from across the university. The small group worksheets worked really well to help focus participant attention on the activity and steps required to develop a flipped design.