Student team developing virtual classrooms at ASU’s Learning Futures

ASU students using Huddle, a virtual reality classroom in the Creativity Commons in Tempe on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022. 
Nikai Salcido

Arizona State University’s Learning Futures program revolutionizes education with its innovative virtual reality (VR) learning tool. Huddle creates a transformative learning environment by combining cutting-edge technology with immersive experiences.

At its core, Huddle’s instructor-led program allows students to explore virtual objects and environments, deepening their understanding of various subjects. Students can manipulate virtual elements through VR headsets and controllers for active learning and problem-solving.

Huddle utilizes 5G technology for seamless, immersive experiences. This high-speed connectivity enables real-time interaction, eliminating disruptions and lag. By leveraging 5G, Huddle overcomes the limitations of traditional learning methods.

Huddle bridges the gap between gaming and education, recognizing students’ familiarity with digital environments. Students can use their gaming skills in a university setting, seamlessly transitioning from gaming to education.

Currently being tested by a history class, Huddle receives valuable insights for platform refinement. The team plans to expand Huddle to other classrooms, enhancing student engagement and revolutionizing knowledge acquisition.

Arizona State University’s Learning Futures program pioneers a new era in education with its groundbreaking Huddle initiative. Huddle reshapes education by integrating virtual reality, 5G connectivity, and a game-like learning approach, empowering students as active participants. Learning Futures paves the way for a transformative and immersive educational experience.

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