ASU Prep students catch a glimpse into the future at Next Lab

ASU Prep students enrolled in the Emerging Technology Internship program join ASU Next Lab for signals of change workshop. Read the post

ASU Prep students engaged in an exploration of emerging technologies during a workshop series hosted by ASU Next Lab. As part of the Emerging Technology Internship program, these high school students embarked on a journey to understand the trajectory of innovation, delving into the concept of signals of change under the guidance of Dr. Bea Rodriguez-Fransen, director of ASU Next Lab Imaginarium.

Through interactive discussions, students gained insights into identifying and interpreting the subtle indicators that herald transformative trends in technology and society. This immersive experience not only equipped students with valuable foresight skills but also provided a platform to contribute their perspectives on shaping the future.

Additionally, upcoming workshops led by Next Lab Studio Director Toby Vaughn Kidd promise hands-on exploration of non-traditional technology career paths and game development using cutting-edge tools. The program’s overarching goal is to expose students to the vast possibilities of STEM fields and provide them with tangible experiences to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Through collaboration with industry leaders like ASU Next Lab and Dreamscape, students gain valuable insights and earn internship credits, leading them toward meaningful engagement with real-world tech innovations.