Augmented Reality Camp at the AR Studio

Welcome to AR Camp


The current state of play in AR – Rob Manson, Mob Labs Augmented Reality has been waiting in the wings patiently for 20 years and is now entering the mainstream. We’ll look at (ever so briefly) where it came from, what’s the current state of play and what does the future hold for AR. 

Lifelogging – Project Glass, EyeTap, Memoto, Autographer, Pivothead – Alexander Hayes

Augmenting the Theatre Experience – Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) Tony Oakden and Dean Walshe of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment discuss their recent project where together with Canberra Youth Theater they produced a piece of experimental interactive theater combining live performance with a digital game for an all-new experience.       

Design 29: Creating a Capital – Moblabs, Rob Manson & Alex Young The buildAR platform was used to enhance the visitor experience to the “Design 29? exhibition currently open at the National Archives of Australia. We’ll give you a brief overview of the breadth of the project, real world challenges of implementing AR, how these were overcome and how this has not only changed the way visitors view and interact with the exhibition objects, but the curators too, and how it has changed the way the curators involved will approach every exhibition from this point forward. 


Occupational Therapy Student poster – Stephen Isbel 

Garden of Australian Dreams – Dr. Stephen Barrass

Graphic facilitation by Gavin Blake from Feverpicture