ASU’s Next Lab, Zoom and Verizon connect Battle of the Bands audiences

???? Read more about the ASU Battle of the Bands event! The final round was successfully live-streamed this year, with individual band members performing live from different locations. This was made possible through the efforts of ASU Next Lab, in collaboration with Zoom and Verizon.

???? This pioneering collaboration facilitated on-stage performances and a remote set by Phoenix-based band South Bend Drive, seamlessly streamed via Zoom from the state-of-the-art studio at the Fusion on First.

????Addressing technical intricacies such as latency, the Next Lab team devised an innovative solution leveraging Zoom’s “Live Performance” setting and a bespoke tech kit powered by Verizon 5G technology. This breakthrough ensures a low-latency, real-time experience for live and virtual audiences.

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