Cross Media Production – Sustainability Design Challenge 2013

This unit examines the forms, cultures, and practices of cross-media or hybrid production, where producers use multiple technologies, media forms, and modes of audience interaction to deliver a single work. Students consider and evaluate the relationships between media elements and participatory audiences that characterize such works and develop a critical understanding of current practice and theory in a cross-media production. Students apply that understanding working in collaborative teams to integrate networked, linear, and interactive elements into prototype cross-media projects.

Dr. Beth Mitchell – UC Sustainability Officer, Amber Standley – UC Marketing and Branding, Matt Bacon – UC Inspire ARStudio, Dr. Tracey M. Benson – Media Artist, IT Manager, Dan Munnerley – UC Inspire ARStudio, Shane Nuesler – ePortfolios, A/Prof. Stephen Barrass – Unit Convenor 

The Design Challenge

Beth Mitchell describes the plan for a Community Garden and Seed bank on the UC Campus

Amber presents her Augmented Reality poster where the graphics link to online videos and visualizations of energy usage in buildings on the UC campus.

Dan Munnerley and Matt Bacon, from the UC Augmented Reality Studios, describe the IDEO design process.

What are 3 unique aspects of a Community Garden on a Uni campus?
Name 3 groups of people who might be involved?
Brainstorm 5-6 radical ideas about how you could use cross media to involve those groups of people?

2 minute presentations of ideas by the 12 design groups. 

The teams

Team 1 – The planeteers: QR Code, Website, Cooking Show, ABC, SBS, the competitive tv show.

Team 2 –
Grow Up: Clubs, Sem long comp, Pt System, Thematic Gardens, Social Media Promo, Twitter Wars.

Team 3 – Carol the Carrot: QR Code, AR, iPads, Monitor Garden Growth, Interactive Kids Promos. UC Bar -cheers

Team 4 – #HarlemShakers: Health Issues for Garden, Research Dev Hub. – Local community info. UC Logo garden bed, flexible framework.

Team 5 – For the People: People’s supermarket, App, QR code wall, Facebook sharing, Local cafe’s invest in-app for marketing and production. 

Team 6 – Grow UC: AR tool, student community ownership, QR link to website, download app, AR guided tour, Crop info, Future crops.

Team 7 – The Palette: Catering market, Food waste from UC as compost, QR Codes, Selling produce at market days, profits going back into the garden.

Team 8 – The Group that’s actually good: BBQ, seat bed, comfort, relaxation space, signage & QR codes, check-in with FB, social gathering, powered tables – workspace.

Team 9 – Delta Omega: UC cook-off, food milage, UC ressies, celeb cooks, FB voting, Education eating habits, Cultural food.

Team 10 – iGarden: iPhone app, the interaction between students, vote for crops, renew energy, App scan QR codes, student ownership.

Team 11 – the breakaway Group: Mr. Lettuce, Character FB page, School kids, Treasure hunt, UC Tours, eBooks – Kids stories.

Team 12 – Team 12: O-week, launchpad, QR codes around UC, Plant info, build a passion for gardening, signage OZ plants, gardening club, video promos