‘Redraw’ – AI sketch and abstract for ISEA 2014

Created for the 2014 International Symposium on Electronic Arts:

This work deconstructs the creative process, exploring how skills are embodied and actions codified. Using AI investigations, I engage with existing works, unraveling their inner workings into mesmerizing patterns and code. This challenges traditional notions of art, revealing its interplay with frameworks and algorithms that shape our understanding.

Deconstructing the work reveals the original artist’s influences and sources the original subject matter. By redrawing the past we can reflect on the original choices, whilst at the same time creating new works that address the ultimate question of what is creativity?

Integrating AI as a medium adds a fascinating technological dimension. Delving into the intricacies of art through AI, hidden patterns and codes emerge. This convergence of art and technology prompts reflection on the synergy between human creativity and AI, envisioning a future where AI becomes a collaborative partner.

I aim to challenge boundaries in art by presenting translated patterns and code, inviting viewers to ponder their significance. This sparks deeper understanding of how the creative process evolves in our ever-changing world, with AI shaping our perception. My art fosters dialogue between creativity, technology, and human agency, provoking contemplation on the essence of artistic expression. It invites viewers on a transformative journey where art, technology, and human ingenuity converge.